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There are many San Diego carpet cleaners out there. However not all San Diego rug cleaners are created equal. There is a big difference in the quality you will receive depending on which carpet cleaning service you choose.

Listed below are some key points that describe why Coastal Carpet Care is one of the best San Diego carpet cleaners available in this market.

# FAST DRYING: When you clean your carpets or leather with the chem dry service they are left clean and dry in just one to two hours. With other services and carpet cleaning methods it can take one to two days to dry. The chem dry method does not need to use soaps, detergents, or other harsh chemicals to achieve great cleaning results. Chem dry’s secret is the power of crystal clear carbonating bubbles.

# DEEPER CLEANING: Have you ever used club soda to remove a stain from a shirt or leather? If you have then you already know how the carbonating principle works. Chem dry has definitely perfected this principle for San Diego carpet cleaners. The powerful carbonating bubbles lift the dirt, stain and dust and remove it completely without leaving the soapy residues that attract dirt and cause your carpets to get dirty. Rest assured there are no cleaning chemicals or do-it-yourself machines that can out clean the chem dry system.

# A HEALTHIER CLEAN: Many believe that the best way to clean carpet and upholstery is to soak them with water and use common cleaning solutions or detergents. The truth is that this kind of technique can actually make things worse by forcing dirt deeper into the carpets and padding. As a result the water can become a nesting ground for mold and bacteria in just a few hours. Chem dry as described above is a low moisture process and is perfectly healthy and safe.


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# GREEN CLEANING: Since Chem dry uses Millions of microscopic carbonated cleaning bubbles it only uses a fraction of the water used by traditional steam cleaners. This process is not only Greener its Cleaner. This is an added bonus for San Diego carpet cleaners as water conservation is important here and as always less water means less drying time and zero chance for mold or bacteria to grow.

# APPROVED CLEANING: Chem dry has earned The Carpet and Rug Institute’s platinum seal of approval. This is a result of rigorous testing and having measured how well the extractor can recover water. Chem-Dry’s truck mounted hot water extraction cleaning uses one-fifth the water of traditional San Diego rug cleaners. The avant-garde process that Chem dry uses combining natural cleaning ingredients and carbonation removes the grime and soil with award winning results.

In conclusion and as the devoted San Diego carpet cleaners that we are we strongly recommend you try this service. With that said please consider the following special limited time offer.

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. Chem dry is your carpet clean San Diego best choice. If you have any questions or need carpet cleaning Chula Vista, carpet cleaning Carlsbad or carpet cleaning San Marcos. Please feel free to contact us.


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