Unleash The Potential of Sustainability with Green Certified Carpet Cleaning

The cleaning product we use at home eventually ends up in our environment impacting the plants, animals, marine life, and eventually human health. Similarly, cleaning your upholstery not only toxicates indoor air but also every surface you touch. At Coast Carpet Care, we take necessary measures to prevent air contamination by employing green certified carpet cleaning methods. 

We aim to create a healthy and sustainable community. Our innovative and effective carpet cleaning methods utilize 80% less water. We hold ourselves to high standards which is why we examine the products’ impact on people, pets, and the environment to provide a healthier living environment.

Reinvigorate Your Space with Sustainable Carpet Cleaning

We are perpetually working towards making your home and the environment safer, healthier, and greener. The pH of the solutions of our product is less than 3 and no higher than 10. Our cleaning standards comply with kids’ safety, and pets and foster healthier homes for people with respiratory sensitivity. We maintain the following safety standards to become your best answer for green certified carpet cleaning near me

Health safety: At Coastal Chem-Dry, our products do not contain harsh and hazardous substances that can enter the body through mouth, skin, and even from inhalation. We ensure our products are free of carcinogens that cause cancer. 

Protection of marine life: Our cleaning agent of dry green certified carpet cleaning program and steam cleaning, ensures these are biodegradable and not bioaccumulative. The product does not damage the streams and life in it. 

Clean air requirement: The cleaning solutions must not contain a high number of volatile organic compounds that can contaminate air. 

Clean With Green and Nurture The Environment 

Coastal Carpet Care is a certified and trustworthy green certified carpet cleaning company. We are fully licensed and insured to back you in every emergency. Furthermore, we keep customer satisfaction our top-notch priority and strive to meet your every expectation with customized solutions and innovative approaches.

Are you struggling with intoxicated indoor air quality? Get in touch with us for green certified carpet cleaning. Our experts make sure that your home or corporate realm does not become infected with harmful airborne particles.

Compare Our Packages

Healthy  Home  Cleaning Protect Cleaning Basic  Cleaning
Pre-Inspection and Spot  Cleaning
Deep cleaning with Hot Carbonating Extraction
Brush and Groom Carpet Pile
Carpet Protectant
Professional Strength Deodorizer

Find out below how Chem-Dry’s Carpet Protectant Package and Healthy Home Package (professional strength deodorizer and sanitizer) can help protect your San Diego home from everyday stains, unhealthy allergens and bacteria. Feel free to give us a call at 858-274-4513 or contact us to request a quote or schedule a visit.



What is meant by green certified carpet cleaning service?

Being a green certified carpet cleaning company our cleaning solution meets rigorous environmental standards. We incorporate all eco-friendly cleaning products and practices that minimize the impact on the environment while delivering exceptional cleaning results.

Are your cleaning agents secure for children and pets?

At Coastal Chem-Dry, we use gentle and non-toxic products that are safe for both animals and children. Our professional green certified carpet cleaner prioritizes the health and well-being of the furry friend and still effectively provides cleaning results in the form of immaculate and pristine upholstery.

How is the green cleaning method different from traditional ones?

In green cleaning methods, we use sustainable and biodegradable ingredients that are gentle on the environment and safer for indoor air quality. On the contrary, traditional methods usually comprise harsh chemicals that might cause discoloration and sometimes allergies to kids. Comparatively, green cleaning methods are safe, healthier, and more sustainable.

Can green cleaning help extend the carpet’s lifespan?

Coastal Carpet Care’s green cleaning process is gentle on carpet fibers and helps maintain the texture, color, and overall integrity of the carpet. By effectively removing the dirt, allergens, and pollens from carpets, we also help improve and maintain healthier indoor quality that helps extend the lifespan of carpets and equipment around.

Can you repair scratches and scuffs?

We primarily focus on cleaning, rejuvenating, and polishing your leather couch, but our experts also treat minor scratches and scuffs. However, in case your couch has excessive scratches, we recommend hiring a professional couch repair service San Diego to address all damages.