Wooden Floor Clean and Polish
There is nothing more attractive than a super shine floor, as it bring new life to the tired looking flooring.
High Standard Service Without any Invasive Procedures
Renowned due to NCCA certified (National Carpet Cleaning Association), we love our work and aim to provide you a great wooden floor clean and polish solution. Cleaning wood floors and protective qualities require a skill and specialist knowledge. With our residential and commercial wooden floor cleaning expertise, you can achieve a high standard service without the need for invasive procedures.
Eco-Friendly Materials Used to Avoid any Wear & Tear
Our Eco friendly human, pets and plant materials are best to avoid new floor installation or resurfacing. The hardwood floor cleaning and polishing we offer ensures that your floor remains in the top condition. If left unchecked, the surface will eventually wear off and may require partial or complete wood floor restoration. With the help of our specialist wood floor cleaning staff, you can save major replacement costs on the wood floor maintenance.
24 Years of Extensive Experience will Restore Your Floor to Peak Presentation
Our residential and commercial wooden floor cleaning team has extensive experience. They can cover a wide range of floor surfaces and that too within your means. Our deep cleaning and polishing services will compliment your need and it will restore your floor to its peak presentation and performance.
With the ongoing investment in wooden floor cleaning and polishing technologies, we ensure our floor cleaning team will always provide you the quality of service and peace of mind. Whilst most wooden floors are resilient, they periodically require cleaning, polishing and maintenance to help protect from the wear & tear.
Keep Your Floor Look Like New
In order to enhance the look or appearance of your wooden floor, hire Carpet Cleaning Squad. Our cleaning work will restore your floors look like new again. We even love to provide you a free demo and a no obligation free quote.
For an outstanding service in Houston and surrounding areas, call us today at 713 822 6595.